World & Caribbean Music Festival

Christchurch Park, Ipswich, IP4 2BX

1pm to 7pm, Saturday 13th July 2024

Free Entry

Global Rhythm are pleased to bring you this free festival in the beautiful surroundings of Christchurch Park.

There’ll be something for everyone in Ipswich’s colourful celebration of worldwide music and culture. Two stages will feature some of the world’s best musicians, and there’ll be fairground rides, a craft market, live music, art and food from across the globe.

There’s also a full programme of workshops throughout the day, where you can experience music, dance and culture, up-close and personal with some of the fantastic artists that perform at the festival.


Peppery Stage

World Music

Just north of the Round Pond, near Christchurch Mansion.


1:00 pm


Aartwork uniquely blends Celtic and jazz elements, combined with their use of traditional instruments and modern beats. This is where folk meets drum and bass, reggae and jungle. The result is hard not to dance to. Aartwork’s genre is quite unique but can be described as Psychedelic Celtic Fusion.


2:15 pm


The park will be jumping with East European and Balkan Romani folk music, songs and dances with the brilliant Balamuc – renowned for their fierce violin and heartfelt melodies, uplifting spirit and boundless energy.

“… guaranteed to get the dance floor whirling.” Songlines 

3:30 pm

Hank Wangford and the Lost Cowboys

Hank Wangford, the“grizzled godfather of UK alt-country” needs no introduction to Peppery audiences. His style of country music is peppered with humour and an irreverent attitude. Come and share Hank’s joy in songs of pain, separation, lies and jealousy, death, divorce, murder, alcoholism and heartbreak as he takes you on a journey into the dark and miserable recesses of Country music. Hank is backed by the stellar Lost Cowboys with guitar colossus Martin Belmont, pedal steel wizard BJ Cole, bass hero Lord Kevin Foster, drummer Mike Pickering and the sublime vocal tones of Anna “Spanna” Robinson.

Maroon Town

4:45 pm

Maroon Town

Maroon Town are an explosion of ska, rap, dub and dancehall – a fresh new sound with conscious and uplifting lyrics. They were formed by two boyhood pals, Deuan German and Rajan Datar, who shared a passion for both classic Jamaican ska and the spirit of the original Jamaican Maroons who fought off slavery and the English occupying army and created their own autonomous township.

Kanda Bongo Man

6:00 pm

Kanda Bongo Man

Known as The King of Soukous, Kanda Bongo Man was one of the earliest artists to introduce the joyous music and dance of central Africa to the international mainstream. He is most famous for his mesmerizing guitar solos that gave birth to the famous Kwasa Kwasa dance, championed by John Peel and Andy Kershaw in the late 80s!  Kanda’s exhilarating performances are exciting and energetic yet deeply rooted in the Congolese tradition.

 “If Kanda Bongo Man doesn’t make you want to dance, call an ambulance,” – The Guardian


Missile Sound Stage

Caribbean Extravaganza: Reggae - Dancehall - Soca

Bringing you some soulful Caribbean vibes. The Missile stage will be located by the war memorial

ICR 105.7 FM
Ipswich Community Radio is your local radio station. We are here to entertain, inform and bring together the people living in the community. We give a voice to those who have important things to say, but don’t get a chance to say them on mainstream radio. We hope to inspire with our eclectic mix of music and engage our listeners with our presenters and guests. This is radio for the people of Ipswich by the people who live here. Tune in and you will hear playlists that push boundaries and add a multicultural mix of views that get right to the heart of local issues.

ICR DJs on the day will be Daddy Turbo (Soca) and Skippa J (Reggae).

Daddy Turbo

1:00 pm

Daddy Turbo

Daddy Turbo has over 40 years of experience within the music industry, he has interviewed many top international artists from around the world. He will be hosting SOCA JAM featuring the ‘Miss Tiney Whiney’ dance contest. You can catch Daddy Turbo's reggae dancehall link-up show live on Ipswich Community Radio 105.7FM every Sunday night 20.00 till 22.00.

Skippa J Missle Sound

2:00 pm

Skippa J ‘Missile Sound’

Skippa J ‘Missile Sound’ has been a radio presenter for over 35 years, presenting the Sunday rice & peas reggae show every Sunday afternoon from 2/4pm. When his playing music he sees himself more as an entertainer and not just a deejay, it’s all about speech & delivery, vibes & energy to keep the crowd lively. Playing music is like telling a story, you have to have an introduction, a peak in the middle and a smooth finishing.

Missle Sound

2:00 pm

Missile Sound

Missile Sound was established in Ipswich Suffolk UK (1986) and built on the foundation of Jamaican sound system culture. With the migration of Jamaicans to the UK in the late 50’s & 60’s the tradition of ‘Sound Systems’ was also exported. During the ’70s & '80s every area of London, every City & Town with a West Indian population had their local crop of reggae sounds and in Ipswich, you had one of the UK’s top International sounds, Daddy Missile Sound System.

Tippa Irie

3:00 pm

Tippa Irie

Tippa Irie released his first album "Is It Really Happening to Me" in 1986. He shot to fame early in his career with his number-one hit song “Hello Darlin”. In 2005, Tippa was nominated for a GRAMMY for Best Rap Song for a tune he wrote with Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas called "Hey Mama.” Tippa has toured the world extensively and continues to perform for sold-out crowds on every continent.

Dee Vine

4:00 pm


Three-time Award Nominated Versatile singer DeeVine was born in London but raised in Barbados. In April 2011, she burst onto the Soca scene with her powerful vocals. DeeVine’s interest in Soca came from the love of Soca & calypso she grew up listening to in Barbados. Her love & influence for Reggae came from her father who used to manage a Reggae band.


V Rocket

5:00 pm


V. Rocket International has the distinction of being “the only sound that goes to the moon”, so it’s only right that the legendary sound system, which was started in the UK in 1964, should have its own documentary on Amazon Prime ‘A Sound System Dynasty’. A 92-minute documentary about “the humble beginnings, struggles, growth and development that made V. Rocket International the legendary sound system it is today.

Rose May

6:00 pm

Rosy May

Rosy May is a vibrant Ipswich dancer sharing some Caribbean and African tunes! Expect high energy, excitement and music that will get you dancing!

Lion I

6:15 pm

Lion I

Ipswich number one dancehall artist Lion I have been working and building a young team who are all under the age of 16. The community is looking forward to seeing Lion I and his young team performing at Global Rhythm 2024. They have been preparing for this moment since summer 2022. Lion I high energy, vibes and character always leave the audience wanting more.

Arts La’Olam Workshop Tent

Indian Marquee on the lawn opposite the children's play area.
Global Rhythm Workshops are organised by Arts La' Olam and are completely free. Just turn up on the day.

Chinese Drums


Lydia Tse & ACCE Chinese Drums

Lydia Tse MBE has made important contributions to cultural exchange through her leadership roles. As the Chairperson of Anglo Chinese Cultural Exchange, a multi-service regional organisation dedicated to promotion of Chinese music, traditional culture and national culture within Britain, Lydia produces and directs events that showcase Chinese culture, such as the Chinese New Year show held annually in Ipswich. Her work with the ACCE Drum Ensemble and the Hong Kong Drum Ensemble highlights the dynamic nature of traditional Chinese music, particularly through the teaching of the 24 dynamic drums and the Kung Fu style from the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra.

Percussion Park to the left of the children’s play area


Vivian Tanaka Teaches African Dance with See Your Life

Join SYL Afro Dance's exciting, high-energy and empowering class which focuses on dances from across the African continent! If you love to dance or want to learn how to dance to African music, this class is perfect for you. No previous dance experience is required – just bring your energy, enthusiasm and a willingness to learn.

2-4pm inside the Indian Marquee


Elena & Vasile Foca Teach Romanian Traditional Dance

The Hora is a vibrant and energetic dance with simple steps. It takes us through the rich history of Romanian culture. The Hora is a celebration of life and collective spirit. More than just a dance, it is a story told, a bridge between generations, and an expression of identity.  Each step connects us with our ancestors, reminds us of the values of community, and awakens joy in living. Join this workshop and discover the beauty and magic of the Hora, celebrate tradition, create new memories, and feel the power of unity through dance.

3-5pm under the trees near the Indian Marquee


Dance Folks Lezim Workshop

Step into the vibrant world of Maharashtra's folk dance with the rhythmic pulse of the Lezim!

A quintessential element of a rich cultural tradition, the Lezim is a small musical instrument with jingling cymbals. At Dance Folks' workshop, participants can expect an exhilarating experience as they learn the Lezim and dance to infectious beats of Dhol (The Dhol is a traditional double-headed drum in Indian folk music, producing rhythmic beats that drive the energy of performances making it a crucial component of many cultural celebrations and festivities). Immerse yourself in a lively atmosphere, mastering the art of coordination and rhythm in an unforgettable celebration of Maharashtra's cultural heritage!

4-7pm under the trees near the Indian Marquee


Have Fun on a Steel Drum with Trevor Jones

Join us at Global Rhythm 2024 for a fabulous Steel Drum Workshop delivered by local musician and teacher Trevor Jones who has over 30 years experience delivering and performing Caribbean Music. In this workshop you’ll receive a demonstration and an opportunity to learn how to play these unique musical instruments originating from Trinidad & Tobago.

4-7pm in the Percussion Park to the left of the children’s play area


Nessa & Flytoez Dance Company

Nessa is an expert teacher of Bollywood, Contemporary and Hip Hop styles and has led a Bollywood dance school for the last 3 years in Ipswich, Colchester and Chelmsford. There are over one hundred students at Flytoez Dance Company, they learn these exciting dance styles on a regular basis and perform on stages across the region and beyond. Come and enjoy dancing to upbeat music whatever your age or abilities, Nessa will tailor the workshop to meet the needs of whoever is present.

5-7pm inside the Indian Marquee

Community Stage

Acts to be confirmed. Check back soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will there be food stalls?

A: Yes, there will be a number of food stalls throughout the park.

Q: Can I bring a picnic?

A: Yes, please do bring a picnic and a blanket. Note that no glass may be brought on site. Also, you can bring alcohol but only enough for a reasonable level of personal consumption.

Q: Can I bring my own chairs?

A: Yes, you are more than welcome to bring your own chairs.

Q: Can I bring a dog?

A: Yes, well behaved dogs are welcome.

Q: Should I bring my children?

A: Children are also welcome! As well as a wide variety of music across five stages, we also have fairground rides and a craft fair to keep them entertained.



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